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Monday, November 5, 2012

Some sexy pics of Khandi Alexaner showing great cleavage

Here's some hot pics of CSI babe Khandi Alexander showing really really lovely cleavage. Sure those are fake boobies, but who cares when the packaging looks this hot ...

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Shae Marks and those great big boobs

Beautifiul, shapely and curvy Shae Marks really has some beast boobs ever to appear on any silver screen - too bad the filmography of this busty sexbomb is too short, male audience really would have loved to she her starring in more movies.
Shae Marks was born on June 1, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana where she spent most of childhood. Soon after her tenth birthday, Marks's family moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. While in high school she played soccer and tennis and was involved in swimming and cheerleading. After graduating from McIntosh High School, she briefly majored in journalism at the University of West Georgia, but later dropped out and moved back to New Orleans.
Shae was discovered by Playboy when she was 20 years old at the World Gym in Houston, Texas. Only a month later, in October 1993, she flew to Los Angeles, California , did a test shoot for a centerfold and was accepted as Playmate of the Month for May 1994. During her stint with Playboy, Marks was a traveling representative for the company, visiting such ports of call as Hong Kong and Denmark.
Shae made an appearance on the live January 22, 1996 episode of WWF Monday Night Raw as Hunter Hearst Helmsley's valet during his match against Razor Ramon. Later she entered the acting arena, guest starring on such shows as Married... with Children, Renegade, Viper, and Baywatch. Marks was also featured in advertisements for Molson Beer, as well as modeling for Frederick's of Hollywood, Venus Swimwear, and other catalogs.

In Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1995 Shae has two good 2 segments beginning at 0:39:54 and lasting 4:18. First, get Shae in a variety of locales, then she switches to something more formal. Full nudity. Shae still has the (very nice, and plenty big enough) boobs she had during her Playmate appearance, not the much larger ones she now has. In Playboy's Wet & Wild: The Locker Room Shae appears in 5 chapters of this DVD. First, she is in Chapter 3, "In Vogue", beginning at 0:12:03 and lasting 4:10. Shae, Corinna, and Barbara are hanging out in silver bathing suits and bathing caps. Second, Shae is in Chapter 5, "Suds", beginning at 0:20:06 and lasting 6:39. Shae and Corinna wash their undies, then are joined by Barbara to play in the suds. Third, she appears in Chapter 6, "Lock'er Up", beginning at 26:45 and lasting 3:25. Shae and Barbara hang out in black leather and chains. Fourth, Shae is in Chapter 7, "Defrosted", beginning at 0:30:10 and lasting 6:01. Tiffany, Julie, and Shae turn a dead bar into a tropical fiesta. Fifth, she appears in Chapter 10, "Ledge with a View", beginning at 0:45:20 and lasting 7:10. Tawnni, Fawna, Shae and Carrie are in a sorority house and spied on by some frat boys.

In Playboy Real Couples: Sex in Dangerous Places Shae Marks & Carrie Westcott are together on a massage table. Their scenes are interspersed with the couple on the other side of the curtain (that girl's hot as well). This is Playboy video at its best: after a minute of silhouettes of Shae & Carrie disrobing, you are suddenly treated to a shot of naked Carrie oozing oil onto spread-out naked Shae, who gasps with delight. A camera in front of Shae, with her massive breasts arched high in the air, zooms in as Carrie reaches over her from behind, running her fingers slowly through Shae's pubic hair. Lots more naked massaging from each pair ensues for the next few minutes.

Playboy Wet & Wild: Hot Holidays has lot of Shae Marks and her great big boobies, 5 of the chapters of this DVD. She also still has the beautiful natural breasts of her Playmate appearance, as opposed to the enhanced ones she now sports. In Chapter 2, "Secretarial Pool", beginning at 0:3:20 and lasting 3:27. Carrie, Shae, and Julie are secretaries on summer vacation. Wind surfing, jet skiing, etc. Topless for Julie and Shae, full nudity for Carrie. In Chapter 4, "Traveling in Style", beginning at 0:12:40 and lasting 3:04. Julie, Carrie, and Shae dance around. In Chapter 6, "Enchanted Island", beginning at 0:20:02 and lasting 6:05. Shae is a castaway that imagines a guy has found her on the beach, where he feels her tits, does some doggy style, and she rides him for a while. In Chapter 8, "Liberation Day", beginning at 0:29:07 and lasting 8:36. Shae and Lisa Marie imagine they are French girls liberated in WWII. They dance (clothed) with the GIs (and Lisa does an amazing handstand). Then Lisa and Shae relax and cool off in a fountain, followed by more dancing, and then they are relaxing on a jeep. In Chapter 10, "Unexpected Pleasure", beginning at 0:43:04 and lasting 5:54. Shae goes skinny dipping with her boyfriend. After a bit, Carrie, Patricia and Julie emerge from the water and the guy plus the four girls get friendly in pairs and groups.
In the movie Cover Me Shae plays a model who becomes the victim of a cross-dressing weirdo. He/she takes Shae to an L.A. mansion where she gets tied topless to the bed. Wearing just panties, she playfully struggles until the guy reveals himself. She freaks out and thankfully the camera pulls away before any violence happens. Shae of course has Playmate features - gorgeous, busty, blonde - but for some reason her voice is dubbed. Of note also are a few topless art gallery photos of her in the opening minutes.

In Day of the Warrior, Andy Sidaris action packed movie from 1996, Shae bares her HUGE breasts alot . She gets naked with a guy by the fireplace and she leans into him to make out for a while as her breasts press up against the guys chest. she then gets on top of the guy and generously gives him alot of time with her boobs in his face. He sucks on them for a while and gets to squeezing them. She lets him play with her big boobs for a long time and then she gets to grinding into him. They both stand on their knees as the guy get her from behind and reaches around to hold onto her breasts. She wrenches her hips into him real nice as he gives it to her. Then she gets back on top of him and he finishes off by getting one more sessions with her enormous knockers by squeezing them while sucking on them. 

In L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach, which also features other corgeous sexy playboy playmates and penthouse pets like Julie Strain and Julie K Smith along Carrie Wescott and lovely Ava Cadell, Shae has an awesome sex scene with a guy. She stands naked with her very very large breasts showing off as a guy gets her from behind. She gives them a nice squeeze while he drills into her from behind. She backs it up real nice for him as he thrusts into her slowly. Then she is on her back yelling as her ample boobs lean toward her face as she arches back, i love it when boobs do that since it makes em look bigger.
  • Cover Me (1995), Candy Jefferson
  • Scoring (1995), Phyllis
  • Day of the Warrior (1996), Tiger
  • Blue Heat: The Case of the Cover Girl Murders (1997), Candy
  • Playboy Real Couples Sex in Dangerous Places (1995), Herself
  • Playboy Voluptuous Vixens (1997), Herself
  • Playboy Gen-X Girls (1998), Herself
  • Playboy Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads (1991), Herself
  • L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (1998), Tiger
  • Love Stinks (1999), Jasmine
  • Sting of the Black Scorpion (2001), Babette
Some of her TV appearances
  • Baywatch, Girl in Logan's Tower - in the episode "Sweet Dreams" (1995)
  • High Tide - in the episode "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" (1995)
  • Married... with Children, Colleen - in the episode "Pump Fiction" (1995)
  • Married... with Children, Inga - in the episode "The Two That Got Away" (1995)
  • WWF Monday Night Raw - ring escort of Hunter Hearst Helmsley (1996)
  • Silk Stalkings, Marla Hess - in the episode "Playing Doctor" (1996)
  • Viper, Connie Matuszak - in the episode "First Mob Wives Club" (1997)
  • Renegade, Michelle - in the episode "Sex, Lies and Activewear" (1997)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gina Gershon - Ugly Betty Mega Cleavage

Gina Gershon showed some really nice cleavage when she appeared in the Ugly Betty tv-series, where she played sexy Fabia, an Italian cosmetics mogul, the rival of Wilhelmina Slater.

Ok, maybe Gina really is not something that could be considered as a big busted actress, as her boobs are not that big - but in this Ugly Betty scene those tits look big enough to be included here.
As an actress Gine is known for her roles in the films like Cocktail (1988), Showgirls (1995), Bound (1996), Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1996), Face/Off (1997), The Insider (1999), Demonlover (2002), Category 7: The End of the World (2005), P.S. I Love You (2007) and Five Minarets in New York (2010). She is currently a supporting cast member of the HBO series How To Make It In America.

But here's some more caps of her lovely cleavage from the Ugly Betty.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shanola Hampton mega cleavage at the Vanity Fair D.J. Night

Sexy Shanola Hampton was quite a sight when she appeared at the Vanity Fair D.J. Night wearing really low cut blue outfit that showed great amount of her delicious cleavage. Shanola has appeared in several television series, such as: Reba, Popular, Scrubs, Related, and Miami Medical. She has also had roles in the movies: The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, The Hanged Man, and You Again.

Lets take another closer look at those sweet and delicious titties:

And here's some more
shanola hampton cleavage shanola hampton cleavage shanola hampton cleavage shanola hampton cleavage shanola hampton cleavage

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big Bust Silver Screen Legends: Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson

Busty Cassandra Peterson, who best known for her on-screen horror host persona "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and graduated from General William J. Palmer High School in 1969. Soon after her graduation she became a showgirl at The Dunes in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also briefly lived In Italy, where she was the lead singer in a rock band and a chance encounter with Federico Fellini led to a small part in his movie Roma (1972). Cassandra and her sexy curves She gained fame on Los Angeles television station KHJ where she was styled wearing a black, gothic, cleavage-enhancing gown as host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie presentation. Her wicked vampish appearance was offset by her comical character, quick witted personality and Valley girl-type speech. Although the character of Elvira wears a large black wig, Peterson is a natural redhead. The transformation from Cassandra Peterson to Elvira was so drastic ,that few ever recognized her out of costume. This worked so well that she had a cameo in fellow Groundlings' alumni Paul Reubens' 1985 movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" in the role of "Biker Mama".

The Elvira character rapidly gained notoriety with her tight-fitting, low-cut black gown which showed more cleavage than had ever appeared on local Los Angeles television before. The movies featured on Elvira's Movie Macabre were always B grade (or lower). Elvira reclined on a red Victorian couch, introducing and often interrupting the movie to lampoon the actors, the script, and the bad editing. Adopting the flippant tone of a California valley-girl, she brought a satirical, sarcastic edge to her commentary without ever being crass or mean-spirited. Like a macabre Mae West, she reveled in dropping risqué double entendres, as well as making frequent jokes about her eye-popping display of cleavage. In an AOL Entertainment News interview Peterson revealed, "I figured out that Elvira is me when I was a teenager. She's a spastic girl. I just say what I feel and people seem to enjoy it." Her campy humor, obvious sex appeal, and good-natured self-mockery endeared her to late-night movie viewers as her popularity soared. At the same time Elvira was embraced as an icon of the waning 1980s punk movement, as well as the emerging Goth subculture.

The demand for Elvira increased throughout the 1980s. A frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and many other talk shows, she also produced a long-running series of Halloween-themed TV ads for Coors Light Beer and Mug Root Beer (her trademark cleavage was covered up for the Coors campaign). She did guest roles on television dramas such as CHiPs, The Fall Guy, and Fantasy Island, and appeared on numerous awards shows as a presenter. Despite the fact that her success is forever linked to her image as Elvira, Peterson has never been reluctant to make out-of-costume appearances as herself for television interviews and specials.

In 1982 with the surprising success of Movie Macabre, Knott's Theme Parks hired Elvira to replace Seymour as the host of its annual Halloween Haunt during the month of October. Elvira would appear nightly at the park, live on stage with a Halloween-themed musical comedy revue similar to her Mamma's Boys act from the 1970s.

The Elvira character rapidly evolved from obscure cult figure to lucrative brand-name and "Mistress of all Media", spawning countless products throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including Halloween costumes, comic books,[9][10] action figures, trading cards, pinball machines, Halloween decor, model kits, calendars, perfume, and dolls. She has appeared on the cover of Femme Fatales magazine five times. Her popularity reached its zenith with the release of the feature film, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (co-written by Peterson) in 1988. She also did many non-Elvira character-roles in other films, most notably Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) with friend and fellow Groundling Paul Reubens (as his Pee-wee Herman character), and Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1985) starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone.

In September 2010 Elvira's Movie Macabre returned to television syndication in the United States, this time with public domain films.

In 1985, Elvira began hosting a video series for Thriller Video. These were films hand-selected by Elvira herself, choosing to stay away from the explicit zombie, cannibal and slasher films of the time, these were generally tamer titles such as The Monster Club and Dan Curtis TV films. She refused to host Make Them Die Slowly and Seven Doors of Death, so the videos were released on the LIVE Home Video label without Elvira's appearance as hostess. Due to the artwork on the big box releases, some of these tapes have become collector's items despite being released on DVD.

Cassandra was chosen for the 2004 Randal Kleiser fantasy movie version of Red Riding Hood. She plays the mother of the hunter and future Baron (Henry Cavill) of the enchanted forest. During a night time encounter, she is swallowed up by the "Wolfie" with supernatural powers, who then transforms into the character of the mother then the father, to try to trick the son of the parents just swallowed.

She has never had any cosmetic surgery or implants to enhance her natural curves.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christina Hendricks milky white bust at the BAFTAS 2012

Lovely Christina Hendricks showed some delicious milky white skin when she appeared in her black outfit at the BAFTAS 2012.